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Dealer Terms – Version 2a

1. Warranty
a. ConvertiBARS Base/Universal Kits have a 5 year limited warranty,
b. Components of the "Completion Packs" are warranted as the original manufacture's warranty
2. Guarantee
a. ConvertiBARS has 30 day Satisfaction guarantee, return via RMA# from support line.
b. Hydraulic lines are not returnable if installed, unless defective.
c. Does not include installation or un-installation costs.
3. Ordering
a. All orders are to be placed online at www.Convertibars.com using assigned login.
4. Kit availability
a. Only Confirmed installations and Universal kits will be available. If you are installing on a bike that is not a
Confirmed installation, the installation could fail, the installation times could be very high, and these potential charges must be thoroughly discussed with and agreed to, by the customer, prior to sale or installation. b. Regarding an order, if a kit or kit component is out of stock, a representative from ConvertiBARS will contact you to discuss options.
5. Installation
a. Base/Universal Kit installation is generally less than 2 hours (any more is considered training)
b. Longer line installation is billed at the dealer's discretion.
c. Each installer must read the printed instructions and watch the installation video prior to their first install.
6. Support
a. There is a 24/7 toll free number for technical and order support (800-513-2440)
b. Technical support calls will only be effective if the installer has reviewed and is familiar with both the printed and video instructions and the installation terminology.
7. Terms
a. Dealers are credit card only
b. Volume Stocking Dealers and Distributors may apply for other terms.
8. Shipping
a. All shipping is FOB Invex Corp., fulfillment center, unless other arrangements are made.
b. Shipping is only to the address listed on page one, unless other arrangements are made.
9. Dealer Demo Display
a. Dealers agree to acquire and display a Dealer Demo Display with ConvertiBARS brochures.
b. Product brochures provided at no charge
10. Discounts(based on quantity of each order)
a. 1 Kit = 25% off retail($149 Dealer Demo Display on initial order)
b. 2 Kits = 30% off retail($ 99 Dealer Demo Display on initial order)
c. 3 Kits = 35% discount off(Free Dealer Demo Display on initial order)
11. Term
a. This agreement will automatically renew annually as long as one kit has been purchased during that 12 month period. If 1 kit is not purchased in any 12 month period, this agreement will automatically terminate at the end of the 12th calendar month of the applicable year.
b. This agreement can be reinstated at anytime with proof of the Dealer Demo Display on display at the dealer's location.
12. Existing dealers
a. If you already have a Dealer Demo Display, no purchase is required other than an annual order.
b. If you do not have a Dealer Demo Display, will need to purchase and display one to remain a dealer
13. This agreement supersedes all prior agreements with Invex Corp. or ConvertiBARS

Updated 5/22/07 - Terms are subject to change